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GraphQL with React

Master fundamental concepts behind using GraphQL in your React apps over REST APIs

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We believe in a cohort-based community led learning and educate people with real-world problem solving skills
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You not only learn with your peers but also build life-long relationships
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Work on projects and implement concepts you learn using best practices.
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Bart Spangenberg country-flag

Co-Founder at NewU

"I had the opportunity to be part of one of the classes, something I didn't regret. He makes you feel at home from the first moment you enter his class. He takes the time for every individual and adapts his teaching to each individual's level. With Manish as your mentor, you are destined to succeed."


Rutul Maskar country-flag

Software Engineer at SprintEins

"Amazing teacher with the ability to explain complex concepts in a simple and easy manner. He provided the best guidance and motivation at the bootcamp. He made sure to check in with each one of us to make sure we understand all the topics and patiently re-explained any concepts if needed. Besides that he created a fun learning atmosphere and encouraged asking lots of questions. It was an honor to learn from him!"


Tamara Rott country-flag

Software Engineer at FireStart

"I couldn't ask for a better teacher for the Remote Web Development Bootcamp. The instructor made every lesson interesting and answered all the questions patiently. Everytime someone needed his help he was happy to give it. Everyone who had/has or will have him as a teacher can feel very lucky! Because of him we learned so much in the short time and also understood the things he taught us."

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